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Panda Licorice

Company: Panda has been crafting natural, gourmet Finnish licorice for over 90 years. Prized by true licorice lovers, Panda licorice is still made using the original methods and enjoys a dedicated following mostly in Europe, but also here in the United States.   

Opportunity: Awareness of the brand in the US is low amongst non-users and even amongst licorice lovers, loyalty to the Panda brand is eclipsed by loyalty to the product itself. Because of this lackluster brand awareness, the Finnish team decided to pair a new distribution strategy with a new pack design. From the brand's perspective, this was an opportunity to turn licorice lovers into Panda lovers! 

Solution: When we spoke to licorice lovers we found their passion for the product is vivid and deeply felt. They are hyper-aware of their self-proclaimed preference for black licorice much the same way a whiskey connoisseur will prefer a single malt over a blend. The qualities that make licorice so appealing to them; authenticity, naturalness, uncomplicated nature, its 'heath' mythology, its aspirational allure etc., became the inspiration for the pack design and messaging. We chose to keep Panda's color combination of yellow and black and used renowned London-based, food photographer, Patrice de Villiers to shoot the delicious piles of licorice. 

Tactical: Branding, Pack Design, Logo, Typography, Art Direction, Copy-writing

October 04, 2018

CATEGORY Branding , Strategy , Creative Direction , typography , target insight , Brand Strategy , Packaging