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Donohue, O'Connell & Riley

Company: Donohue, O'Connell & Riley (DO'CR) is a multi-disciplinary law firm focused on wills, trusts, tax, probate, elder law, and complex estate planning. They counsel over 5,000 businesses and individuals, advising them on how to save taxes and structure their affairs to preserve their legacy and ensure a smooth transition of their hard-earned wealth between generations.

Opportunity: Over the past several years, DO'CR had acquired several long-standing estate planning practices in New York City, New York’s Hudson Valley, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. With these acquisitions, DO'CR had the opportunity to strengthen its brand presence which would ultimately support lead acquisition throughout the sales process. DO’CR also recognized the changing landscape of their constituents as Boomers transition from caregivers into old age themselves. There was an emerging need to breathe new life into their brand - one that communicated trust and transparency. In order to be successful in the rebranding exercise, we would have to overcome some pretty significant challenges, 1. Nobody trusts lawyers, 2. Making a will can elicit some tough family decisions, and 3. Death & Taxes being everyone's least favorite subject! 

Solution: DO'CR's deep experience in Wills & Trusts, combined with their ingenuity to use it uniquely and personally is what sets them apart. As the only eldercare law practice focused on NY and NH, they understand fully that their clients want peace of mind in knowing their assets are taken care of in perpetuity. The essence of the brand lay in what we learned about its founder, Joe Donohue. Numerous calls with clients and employees revealed that Joe "Goes Above and Beyond" for his clients; a perfect brand metaphor and the jumping off point for the logo design, the color palette and the messaging.

Testimonial: "Shine&Co has been a truly stellar partner in creating our new brand, logo, marketing assets and website. They orchestrated the entire process with perfection and continue to be an absolute joy to work with. If you are looking for gifted professionals to discover your unique essence and position you for greatness, Shine & Co is the team to do it."  

Tactical: Branding, Pack Design, Logo, Typography, Art Direction, Copy-writing



October 04, 2018

CATEGORY Branding , Strategy , graphic design , target insight , Brand Strategy , logo design