We are a Brand-first Marketing Agency

We provide strategic and creative vision to small and mid-sized businesses who need help realizing their potential. Whether the challenge is to create, revive or market a brand, we approach each one with the same goal in mind; to infuse it with creative brilliance so it shines its brightest. We help your brand become visible and valuable in a competitive world.



Does Your Brand Have Power?

Is your brand’s uniqueness clearly articulated? Do you know exactly who your core target is? Does your brand have a clear point of view? Take a look at your brand’s Facebook page: is it obvious what your brand stands for, what its trying to say and who it’s trying to reach? What’s your competition doing that you wish you were doing better?

Is your brand shiny or dull? Take our Brand Brightness Test and find out.



Let us Help You Turn Your Brand’s Power “On”

A great brand – be it a product, company, person or institution – has an emotional connection with its clearly defined target, the nimbleness to stay relevant with the times, a compelling point of view, and the language and look and feel to express itself consistently across each and every one of its touch points (website, packaging, marketing materials, store etc.). In other words, great brands know who they are, how they behave, what they stand for and remain true to themselves throughout time. Great brands shine.


Want to Talk?

Shine&Co is comprised of a group of avid listeners. We want to hear first-hand the problems you’re facing and we prefer in-depth conversations so we can immerse ourselves in your cause. Let us know briefly what challenges your brand is currently experiencing. We will send you a follow-up email to a arrange a free consultation.