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Let's Glow

Let's Glow founder, Nancy Slater has a flair for fashion, an affinity for people, a love for family and a passion for life. After witnessing multiple family members receive the devastating diagnosis of skin cancer, Nancy made it her mission to find a safe and healthy alternative to achieving the perfect glow. Although she originally set out to tan herself and a few close friends, when multiple referrals began pouring in, she knew it was time to grow her business.

It was from that experience that Let’s Glow was born. The organic, sunless tanning studio enables people to achieve a healthy glow, without the damaging and potentially deadly UV rays the sun and tanning beds deliver. With Let’s Glow, Nancy is helping people feel, beautiful and confident, without compromising one’s health.



October 22, 2017

CATEGORY Marketing , Branding , Creative Direction , social media marketing