Our Brand-first Approach

The world is changing at an ever-faster pace so there's no time for brands to be flabby or inert. Brands need to be active; they need to bolster nimbleness to stay ahead of consumer needs, market evolutions and technical advancements. No longer can Brand and Marketing exist in silos, but to establish optimal brand health, they need to work in perfect harmony. Brand-first Marketing ensures that the “Who” is never addressed outside of the “How” and visa-versa.



The Who

Target Insight 
An Target Insight is the affinity between Brand and Consumer. An insight should reveal something uniquely true about real people, the brands they use or the world in which they live. Insights provide insulation in a competitive market, focus innovation, increase efficiency and make your consumers love your Brand more.

Brand Essence
A Brand Essence is the conduit between Target Insight and Brand Identity. It's ideally a word or short phrase that sums up exactly who your brand is. It is an internal rallying cry; the Northstar for all Brand efforts. A clear brand essence is the necessary foundation for a vibrant and healthy brand built for longevity. 

Brand Identity
A Brand Identity is the creative manifestation of your Brand Essence. Whether your Brand is established or in its infancy, the need for a powerfully articulated Brand Identity is essential. If well managed and brilliantly executed, the resulting vision will prevent confusion and inefficiency, both financial and emotional.

Brand Story
Your Brand Story is how your Brand's Identity talks about itself. Stories make ideas stick and help us persuade. Brands that can tell their story to a receptive audience will have an increasing advantage. How you tell your story is absolutely key to a Brand’s success and survival.


The How

 Emotional Connection 

Your Brand Story needs to connect viscerally with the consumer. Emotional connection is a two-way street; consumers connect more deeply with brands that “get” them. Emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers; they buy more of your products and services, visit you more often, exhibit less price sensitivity, engage with your communications, follow your advice, and recommend you more.




Synchronized Marketing
It's no longer just about integrating your marketing efforts; it's about keeping them "in sync" with each other, and more importantly, "in sync" with your overall Brand Message. Synchronized Marketing is more than one campaign; it’s the overall marketing and brand strategy, working together simultaneously, with your consumer in mind. It’s about marketing with purpose.

An Aligned Sales & Marketing Process
According to HBR, organizations with good alignment between sales and marketing teams achieve 20% revenue growth on average annually*. Sales and marketing success only comes when each side works toward shared goals that benefit the entire company. Great sales and marketing teams are integrated and work in tandem with each other.

Brand Allegiance and Advocacy
Your brand is your culture and visa-versa; the two are intrinsically connected. Internally, from recruitment to retirement, your employees and alumni must be your greatest brand ambassadors because engaged employees are a reflection of a happy brand. Whilst externally, successful brands create a more personalized experience both online and off which measurably influences both purchase behavior and advocacy.



And we've come full circle. Brand Allegiance and Brand Advocacy correlate directly with the Target Insight. A fulfilled need will be reciprocated with loyalty and love. Want to find out how loyal consumers are to your brand? Take our Brand Fitness Test. It will determine the overall strength and vigor of your brand and identify vulnerabilities.