A Purposeful Brand Mentor

If ever there was an award for the "Lives Life to the Fullest" in the branding world it would have to go to the Jeep Wrangler. It ticks so many boxes on the list of requirements. It's out, loud and proud; there is nothing shrinking about it. Big wheels. Rugged styling. Happy to take its top off at the first hint of sunshine! As for getting down and dirty... Then there's its communal spirit, "the Jeep Wave". How many brands do you know that have you waving at complete strangers? You're right, the Mini and the Bug but they're a single gesture not an entire lexicon of gesticulations! The Jeep is iconic in every way. Its all-terain chutzpah, menacing headlights, its fanatical loyalists. This is a brand with purpose alright; it has adventure written all over its grille.

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