Who We Are

Shine&Co is a group of independent creatives dedicated to creating and maintaining powerful brands. We are seasoned storytellers with a combined skill set from our in-depth experience in branding, advertising, marketing and consumer behavior analysis; in other words, we understand how businesses operate and how consumers think. Every project begins with a thorough discovery process that informs the strategic roadmap and subsequent creative platforms. Be warned: we ask lots of questions!


We’re a creative agency but built on a methodical, strategic foundation. Our tools and techniques have been honed for one purpose only: to arrive at unexpected solutions that build brands and businesses on a meaningful and measurable level.


We have provided customized branding and marketing solutions to a broad range of industries including, but not limited to, Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Professional Consulting Services, Non-Profits, Financial Services and a host of Consumer Goods.


When you work with Shine&Co you’re working with a creative team who prides itself on becoming an integral part of your business. We own your branding and marketing challenges and we drive the efforts to solve them. In many cases we are on retainer with our clients and in contact on a weekly – sometimes daily – basis. This makes for a deeply satisfying relationship between us and our clients and an even deeper emotional connection between us and the success of your brand.

Our Team

Creative & Strategic Design

Nin Glaister

Nin, who is both British and a designer by birth, is the founder and creative director of Shine&Co. Nin likes nothing more than to burrow her way into a challenge and not appear until she’s come up with an idea she knows is going to excite. She is passionate about driving towards the expression of the ‘soul’ of a brand and expressing that essence with simplicity and elegance.

Marketing Strategy & Business Development

Jess Hayes

Jess has over 20 years of business development and marketing experience. She has played an instrumental role in communications and growth efforts for hospitality companies as well as for digital marketing agencies. Her professional passions include aligning marketing and sales teams, message development, software adoption, and strategic branding and implementation.  

Brand Strategy & Consumer Insights

Julie Newton Cucchi

Julie is passionate about driving towards deep consumer insights which then animate a proprietary and powerful brand strategy. She is known for both for her strategic vision and for her rigor in its ultimate creative application as the brand comes to life.

Brand Strategy and Content Development

Shannon Farrelly

Shannon is a copywriter, brand strategist, and creative leader adept at driving new business through powerful marketing, advertising, and communications campaigns. Her work also includes executive speech writing, whitepapers and case studies, op-eds and political/PR communications for Fortune 500 companies in the high-tech, high-end fashion, legal, and entertainment industries. 

What We Do

Consumer Insights

Do you have a unique insight into your consumer and competition’s mindset? What’s going on in the culture today that makes your brand relevant?

Brand Strategy

Do you have a clear roadmap for where your brand is going and how to get it there? Is your entire company onboard and ready for the journey?

Brand Identity

Does your logo clearly express your brand’s persona? Does your brand express itself succinctly and cohesively across all your collateral and media channels?

Print & Packaging Design

Could your brand sell itself if it had no marketing or advertising budget? If you have the budget, is it selling itself as successfully as it needs to?

Website Design

Does your website represent your brand in both look and feel and user experience? Do visitors get what they need from it? If they’re leaving, do you know why?

Traditional, Digital, Social & Inbound Marketing

Whatever medium you chose to spread your message, be it a flyer or Facbook, how does your marketing strategy align with your brand values? Are you producing engaging content that delights your consumer?